Eugene Vanderpol, MSME, PE, ACTAR

Principal, Reconstructionist, Human Factors & Biomechanical Engineer

Eugene Vanderpol is the founder, principal and senior engineer of VA Forensics, a forensic engineering firm specializing in biomechanical injury analysis, accident reconstruction, human factors, and slip/trip and falls. Considered industry leaders in accident reconstruction and biomechanics, the firm has been retained as expert witnesses and provided services in 39 states, and have testified in over 1,400 trials, arbitrations, and depositions.

What sets VA Forensics apart from other accident reconstruction firms is their associates are constantly apprised on the latest technology and scientific research, and use that knowledge to deliver the best testimony and accurate product to clients.

Additionally, VA Forensics has worked for both plaintiffs and defendants to provide expert testimony in both state and federal courts nationwide. By representing both sides, the company has a unique understanding and knows the strengths and weaknesses for both plaintiff and defense cases. VA Forensics is one of the few companies in the United States that provides both biomechanics and accident reconstruction analyses. This is cost efficient for attorneys because they are essentially hiring two experts for the price of one.

Eugene has two children, when he’s not working, he can be found travelling the far reaches of the planet. He’s also an avid flyfisher, off road enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, camping and overlanding. He also loves indulging in spicy food, and has a high tolerance and affinity for sambal and its culinary cousins.