Alyssa Visalli, BSME

Accident Reconstructionist and Biomechanical Analyst

Alyssa Visalli uses her understanding of human anatomy & biomechanics in combination with engineering principles to obtain data-driven results for clients. Alyssa generates detailed reports through analyzing information pertaining to each case involving the forces experienced by the body during motor vehicle accidents, slips/trips and falls, and more. Additionally, she uses her investigative skills in tandem with her understanding of physics for accident reconstruction purposes.

Alyssa brings to VA Forensics former experience as a technical writer, which makes her an invaluable asset because she is able to understand and define a process in such a way that the outcomes are easily reproduced and replicated. Alyssa also has trouble-shooting experience as a former test technician. Alyssa earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Miami University.

She comes from a family of engineers and health care professionals. She has devoted her career to engineering which has given her the ability to combine a love of mechanical, electrical, and chemical processes in terms of the human body. When she’s not working Alyssa enjoys challenging her own physical capacity by snowboarding, rock climbing, and slacklining. She also grew up playing ice hockey, and she spent 3 weeks in Kazakhstan during the 2017 Universidade Games where she won a bronze medal.