Accident Reconstruction Analysis

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VA Forensics is one of the country’s premiere accident reconstruction firms, bringing more than a combined 60 years of forensic testing and engineering expertise to every case to ensure the highest standards are met. Accident reconstruction analysis is the scientific method of determining kinematics and kinetics of vehicles, pedestrians, heavy trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. It is the best explanation for how an automobile accident occurred, founded on physical evidence.

Our thorough methodology can assist in determining liability, sequence of events, vehicle speed, angle of impact, time vs. distance, visibility, and collision severity. VA Forensics utilizes information such as roadway evidence obtained from accident location inspections, photographs, 3D laser scanning, vehicle damage, vehicle CDR/EDR “black box” data, lightbulb analysis, signal light timing analysis, animations, and physics based simulations. We can preserve evidence for trials through photography, 3D laser scanning, and EDR data. It is paramount that evidence be preserved as soon as possible after an incident, and as such, our associates are standing by and can be available immediately after an incident.

VA Forensics is one of the country’s preeminent Biomechanical Engineering, Accident Reconstruction, and Human Factors.

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